You need to improve reactivity
of your daily production routine?

We developp a unique tool to generate custum action plan for daily routine, based on ERP data.

You spend to much time
following actions plan!

You are a manufacturer with shopfloors
who need improvements.
Your team is overloaded with ERP data and
do not meet your performance espectations.
Daily and weekly routines can be more
efficent with an easy use of data.

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Your needs

Spend less time following the action plan.

Daily meeting without automatic action plan files ?

Improve the management of your workshop action plans

Have a centralized view on all actions of the production and customer support team.

Teams spend less time dealing with data and focus on the issues at hand.

Daily and weekly routines can be made more efficient through the automation of tracking files. Teams spend less time dealing with data and focus on the issues at hand.

Your goals


Use of computers available in the company Outsourcing of computing power in cloud computing

Software integration

We use the data from the ERP to integrate them into the action plans managed by the teams

Process monitoring

Allows you to have a clear and factual vision of your priorities on delays and production problems


Individual actions for a collective result An innovative tool that allows you to visualize, identify and highlight your actions

Operational approach

Organizes the company's production Focuses energies on the problems to be solved.

Data crunch

Our application allows you to perform intensive calculations at low cost on a daily basis on numerous tracking files and large volumes of data

Our solution

Automatic daily generation of Action Plan files

We provide you with a simple solution for managing the action plans of your workshops.

This tool allows you to develop your managerial practices as a workshop manager and thus be more efficient.

Action Plan is easy to use. It helps you move towards operational excellence. It is adapted to the needs of the field and therefore helps to improve your customer and supplier relations.

Our products

Offer description

We have developed a unique tool to generate a customized action plan for daily routine based on ERP data. This unique solution is deployed by a single entity to meet your specific needs. allows you to evolve your managerial practices and thus be more efficient on a daily basis. Data is processed daily to help the manufacturing team track production delays and local actions.

The objective is to give an overview and make available to the shop floor managers on the production situation. Contextualizing the data with colors helps to highlight the backlogs. This tool is an aid to decision making and flow management. To make the tool simple and efficient, we integrate your action plans into your ERP. These daily indicators allow a better steering of the production.


A first inventory which is perfectly suited to companies wishing to optimize their sales forecasts.

  • Establishment of the inventory summary.
  • Identification of the ABC class

An ideal diagnostic phase for companies seeking to optimize forecasts, safety stocks, and replenishment points.

  • Data analysis based on the economic qty model.
  • Classification according to financial criteria to prioritize updates.
  • Stock optimization.
Avanced program

This is the advanced phase of the solution for companies looking to optimize a multi-local supply chain holistically.

  • On-the-job training with the supply team on procurement models.
  • Remote support for Part Number testing.

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Our References

We provide daily tools that will help production and supply chain teams. We are specialized in daily and weekly routines.
Our tools are packages for shopfloor teams and also technical and quality team.
We use ERP data to automate follow-up files.
First step is to establish a diagnostic on your industrial performance.
Then establish guidelines for daily and weekly routines optimization.
ERP Data is crunched to established first quick win actions.


Today, digital transformation in the industrial world is a key success factor. It allows companies to remain competitive in the long term.
Integrating Cloud action plan in your strategy is the right solution to drive a factory

Why integrate cloud action plan into your workshop ?

1. To manage: these data entered in the ERP allow to follow the stocks, the quantities produced.
All these time-consuming manual actions can finally be replaced by the cloud action plan tool. Save time and improve your daily meetings.

2. To facilitate: optimise daily meetings. Managers need data to animate their team meetings, especially during AIC meetings. To do this, they need to collect the paper sheets, often consolidating them in Excel, to calculate the key indicators. to calculate key productivity and performance indicators. Then all this information has to be transferred to the flash animation tables. Collection, manual consolidation, calculation... so many additional tasks for the teams that do not add value.

3. To monitor: avoid paper-based reporting

4. To monitor: workshop managers, flow managers manually declare their ideal production to avoid administrative tasks with no added value.

Digitising performance analysis Ensuring digital continuity

Simplify, fluidify exchanges on the shop floor for an improvement in your industrial performance. The results are not in paper form, but in a database.
It is easy to compare the results with those of the previous weeks and to draw previous weeks and draw lessons from them. The industrialist has a wealth of information that can help him in the continuous improvement of production.

How does agility contribute to operational improvement?

To be agile, the company must adopt a certain number of methods to gain in productivity, involve and empower its teams and facilitate the work of the operational staff. This approach applies to all profiles and in all departments of the plant. On the shop floor, agility provides all the keys to operators and managers to optimise their work and improve production conditions... How? By focusing solely on value-added tasks. Flow managers can rely on digital tools to make production operations more reliable. Provide a reliable and easy link between operations and management to optimise production activity: visual management, real-time production monitoring.